Thursday, August 30, 2007

He loves me, He loves me not

I took my turtle out for handling last night to see if I can get him to love me, I wanted to let him crawl around but all I could see was the cat (babyfred) playing hockey with the little two inch shell with a baby turtle in it. Whap! Score! Hey! Where's turtle? Has anybody seen turtle? Crunch! Uh Oh! Zeus, put the turtle down! Zeus! You broke turtles home! Bad Doberman!


Stucco said...

Glue some pointy spikes or barbs on Mr. Turtle and frame it as a fashion statement.

Andrea said...

When I first read through this, I thought it was something that actually happened, and I mourned for the dear turtle.

I love Stucco's spike idea!

TTQ said...

Andrea-I would hope that if fate was not kind to turtle, I wouldn't be so blase about it. Then again you never know with me. But seriously would the humor outweigh the turtle's demise? It's all fun and games till somebody or something gets hurt.

Stucco, I don't have any spikes but maybe hot gluing tacks upside down would work... I do however have a bunch of those add bling to you phone/ipod whatever kits.. Everybody in Hollywoood is going to want a bling-bling turtle!