Saturday, August 04, 2007

Sexy Engrish and Bling

Besides the great Engrish on this Japanese web site Strapya, the cell phone straps themsleves are pretty cute. For less than $20 US dollars you can buy the set.

To attracted him today,
Don't show off your bra and shorts as a show girl..
Real Underwear Miniature Cell Phone Straps
can support you taking his attention to you...
a Conpound Word booming from JAPAN to the World lately.
Erotic but still KAWAII, these two words are all girls and gals want but it's impossible to make both in your beaty normally. EROKAWA fashion and Erokawa Style are quite innovative and greedy but wise ways now Japanese girls and celebs are willingly take!

Oh and Fuck the iphone, I want the new Vertu Phone, as always the Vertu phones are made with real diamonds, gemstones and precious metals..


soapy t said...

my cell phone is a brick and so are my panites

TTQ said...

Good to know, Soapy.

Karina said...

ohhh cute!!!
lol at soapy! In that case - my cell phone is tiny and so are my panties lol

kimberlie said...

I always lose my phone -just like my undies*!

(*Ok, no i dont, i just said that for the comedy value)