Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Today's Excitement & Procrastination

I was cleaning house again, fuck if I keep this's gonna get ugly. See if I keep it up, Honey is going to expect it all the time. And that would be bad, I could just clean rooms that he never goes in, see that way, he won't notice anything. I already moved the furniture around today. Again. For no particular reason, I just felt like it. I also took down a mirror that was hung way too low and Honey hasn't drilled new holes for of it yet. I'm scared to drill into the brick wall...him he just goes for it.

My mother told me yesterday that she had rattled off a list of things that her brother needs to do next time he is down. He said he is looking forward to it! He comes down from Chicago to visit at least twice a year, once with his wife at the Holidays then another visit by himself to take care of mom's latest projects. I wonder if I can get him over here... I'll have two chandeliers to be hung as well as a ceiling medallion..and pretty much every ceiling fan in the house to be replaced. I buy all this stuff knowing full well that Honey can't play with electricity. So it's all in boxes on one of my couches, which works well for keeping the dogs off the couch.

I think I'm noticing a trend here, Honey is the procrastinator. He blames it on the lead paint chips he ate as a child and living under electricity wires.

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