Wednesday, August 22, 2007

I'm a Freakin Genius!

As you can see turtles and cats get along. However, I had a great idea! Kitty isn't scared of Rommba either, so I am going to paint my turtle to look like my Roomba. Roomba lonely no more. God, I'm brilliant!


Cyd said...

But is turtle afraid of Roomba? Enquiring minds want to know. (yes, I'm still reading nearly every day, sorry I haven't commented lately -- guess you've had me too doubled over in laughter)

TTQ said...

I think the turtle hates me, he dive bombs off his rock and into the water, bounces off the glass and hides under a rock when I come near the tank. I've never even touched him. Mom assures me that turtles probably don't like or dislike people..but this one seems pretty smart. He must have ESPN and knows his fate in this house is going to be abnormal.

kim said...

Lizzie says that turtle is not very slow for a turtle.

TTQ said...

I was going to race Roomba and the turtle, but I'm scared to pick him up...what if I lose him? Or Zeus swallows him in one gulp? Turtle needs to grow before he races. Maybe I should start him off in a hamster wheel...he'll be safe in there.