Sunday, August 26, 2007


Not even French Vanilla. We were describing people by how they dress and their personalities. Honey said I'm vanilla. To me that means boring. To him that means good. Kind of like apple pie and American flags. I asked my mom how she would describe me and she said eclectic. Eclectic. I suppose I can live with that. Why does it even matter? As my side bar says, "I'm an original- Don't label me."
How would you describe your self? And if you know how how other people describe you, do you agree?


Andrea said...

I don't know how I would describe myself, but on Saturday evening we were hanging out with a few of our friends, and someone had the bright idea to go around the room and have everyone say what animal they thought of in relation to each person.

Mine were horse, sugar glider, honey bear, butterfly, and frog. My hubby was the one who said frog, so I made him explain that one. Apparently it's because I don't just bend over or kneel down to get things from a bottom cabinet, I squat like a frog. Who knew? He reminds me of a spider monkey like the one in Outbreak.

Andie said...

Good question....

I'm often told by many that I have a classic "style" that has a few trendy elements plugged in.

But I dress a LOT like Stacy on WNTW... I like pencil skirts and cute dresses, and almost every outfit she wears, I want.

Too bad I don't have her income!!!

so I guess that's a good point of reference.

Swishy said...

Well, I love vanilla, so that works for me!

Cyndy said...

I love vanilla too, but I wouldn't describe you that way.

I think you are more like capaccino ice cream. cultured, a little strong and bitter, only for those with special taste.

soapy t said...

is there a color for a hot steamy mess?