Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Manic Mom and R Martini's contest was such a cool way to discover a new blog that it got me thinking..

I am hosting an Open House Party, A Mixer, a Meet and Greet! Let's see what kinda of party animals we have out there! Everyone who reads my blog is invited to come by my invitation, in addition I will go to 5 blogs and invite them to come here, the person who brings the most bloggers with them to my open house will be crowned King or Queen of TTQ's world for one week. The winner gets to give me 5 topics , one for each day, and I will blog about it! The topics of the winner will be the ones I blog about for 5 days in a row I don't get to pick from a list, the topics are mandatory!

If you are invited ask all your bloggers to come to my open house and of course tell me who sent them..

And again don't forget to go to R Martini's blog and tell him I sent you!

I'm off to personally ask 5 bloggers to attend my party....


Manic Mom said...

I'm here for the party and am wearing my lampshade on my head! LOL. What a fun idea.

I can't come up with five topics right now... will be thinking about it though!

katie-q said...

yippee! A party, I do love any excuse to wear a fabulous outfit and drink martinis!! I'm thinking of my 5 topics too, so watch out!!

P.S. I think you should also ask 5 topics of the winner and make them blog about them for 5 days as well.

B. said...

Saw this on Manic's blog. I brought pasta salad. Oops. I forgot a serving spoon. Do you have one? Great party.

r martini said...

I'm here....with a six pack of "Fat Tire" beer in my hand. (if you'll notice my future blog spouse came without me and arrived before I did).

Great idea!

I also have to think about 5 ideas....I'll be back. I see I didn't bring enough suds and 80's music for the crazy group starting to arrive...meanwhile, why doesn't everyone dance to Devo's "Whip It"!

TTQ said...

So glad to see everybody here, bring more people! Make it a block party..
Martini-your web bride is dancing with a lampshade on her head! Keep an eye on her! We don't want her to start strippin before EVERYBODY gets here..she might think of everyone getting naked on the scale again!
B- welcome to my blog! I do have serving spoons, make yourself at home and rummage through the drawers!

I do hope you all will think of the topics...because it could be anybody who wins!!!! You can ponder until you win..then you get a whole entry devoted to you!Since you will be Queen or King of my blog for a week. You can give them all to me at once or one per day if you choose!

Karinaxoxo said...

Ok - I was referred here by Save LeighAnn & Katie-Q so they both get my points :o)
Are there martini's at this party of your's? ;o)

Anonymous said...

Hey, I flew all the way in from Australia, so I can party with Manic and the others!! Shall we throw a shrimp on the Barbie now?

I'm thinking of my five topics now...