Wednesday, August 23, 2006

I know I have a lurker who is suppose to be working now, so let me ask this-- How did two kids turn into three then turn into five!!! I cut two off at the pass heading downstairs to the gamecube, reminded the original two that screen time is over and they need to straighten up their room before their mom gets home (Yes, my lovely lurker-you). Wait five kids turned into no kids! Where are my original two? Oh wait one came back, to ask if two can go down the street, nope, their room needs to be cleaned before we go get mom for the fourth time I tell them. One kid vanishes and another reappears to see if he can muster a yes out of me. NO! Like I just told #1 your room needs to be cleaned before we go get mom. #3 who does not live here appears to have moved on after spending the the majority of the day here. No grapes here, no video games and cleaning a room seems to do the trick in the removal non-native kids in this household.

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mama kay said...

Sounds like a normal day for mamak!