Monday, August 21, 2006

A hop, a skip and a jump.

I'm in MD writing this post. I had no intentions on coming here, however a quick plane ride and I am here at my eldest sister's house. I'm playing Mary Poppins, her kids do not go back to school until next Monday, and she needed to get some work done and had no day care or camps lined up this week. So I offered my services and here I am. Funny enough I was here last summer at the same time. I'll get to get them from the bus stop after their first day of school. I'm looking forward to a week here watching and playing with my nephews and the neighborhood kids. Honey is sad that I left, and a bit surprised that I woke up and by noon , I had a flight here. He will be fine, and of course we can e-mail and talk a few times a day. Gotta love those family plans on the cell phones. I'll miss him as well. But I think it's good that we give each other space. I did decide that going to Paris with my mom for Thanksgiving was not a good idea. What kind of wife flies off the Europe w/o her husband the first year they are married! He said if I really wanted to go then I should go.
So this week I will be a surrogate stay at home. Maybe I'll even cook...


Swishy said...

How random! LOL. Fun, though. So neat that you get to be there on their first day!

LeighAnn said...

Man, I wish I could do that. I am afraid to fly.

You are a very good sis!

And I would rethink the Paris thing. You are independant and it would be with your family. I think it would be a great memory for you. But of course it is your choice. Plus, what am I talking about.....I won't even get on a plane!!

Ramblin Rose said...

What a cool Sister!!! I wish I had a sister or SIL like that!!

It's good to leave hubs on their own for awhile, It makes them appreciate you more ;)