Friday, August 18, 2006

Just stop it ok? Really. I mean it! stop!

With sending cards with glitter hearts and crap. Stop. It's not new, it's not cute, it sucks. This particular card had not only tiny red foil hearts, it had freaking fairy dust glitter. My floor was just vaccumed, my desk had just been cleaned, and I have animals for crap's sake. Now I keep seeing little hearts, and every time I go to brush my hair out of my eyes I leave a trail of fairy dust. I'm not six, I'm not dancing in a g-string for money, and it's not Halloween. It was a wedding invitation! And there is glitter everywhere and fairy dust fine as in smaller than sand fairy dust. Just freaking great. Just wait until Christmas Cards go out, I'm saving this stuff to send back. Really.


Swishy said...

LOL. I got one of those not too long ago and there was glitter in my hair for three days (and yes, I washed it!! It wouldn't leave!) Oh, well, thought that counts :)

Cyd said...

Hee, aren't we a little hormonal these days. I got the glitter, too and now it is all over my green couch. I figure it can brighten the day of whomever sits down in shorts.

The bigger problem is whether I can make the trip to the wedding. I'd like to be supportive...

TTQ said...

I'm not hormonal and you know it! Are you going solo? Maybe we should go together?
Haha, your guests have glitter ass!