Saturday, August 19, 2006

I got tagged, so here it is...

1. First Name? My real name or my stage name?
2. Were you named after anyone? As the story goes a tug boat, which is probably what led me to a stage name and stripping...
3. When did you last cry? At my wedding
4. Do you like your handwriting? Yes
5. What is your favorite lunch meat? That stuff will kill you, so if your going to do it, do it right salami!
6. Kids?? No thank you, I just had lunch.
7. If you were another person would you be friends with me? If I was another preson how should I know?
8. Do you have a journal? Yes, but you aren't invited.
9. Do you use sarcasm a lot? Never
10. Do you still have your tonsils? In a jar on my desk
11. Would you bungee jump?? Was I pushed or did I fall?
12. What is your favorite cereal? Fruity Pebbles, I like the dye.
13. Do you untie your shoes when you take them off? I'm still trying to learn how to tie them in the first place so no.
14. Do you think you are strong? I do until I try to lift something
15. What is your favorite ice cream flavor? Skip the ice cream.. I want cake
16. Shoe size? 8
17.Least favorite thing about yourself? My belly
18.Who do you miss the most? Nobody will leave me alone, so I don't know.
19. Do you want everyone to send this back to you? Of course
20. What color pants and shoes are you wearing? I'm naked, its Saturday
21.What was the last thing you ate? Tangerine Frappacino (Venti) from Starbucks
22. What are you listening to right now? I'm not listening but my husband is talking to me
23. If you were a crayon what color would you be? PINK!!!! HOT PINK!!
24. Who was the last person you talked to on the phone? I just told you my husband is in the room, like I can type who I last talked to with him over my shoulder.
25. The first thing you notice about a person you are attracted to? Plaid Shorts with Hawaiian Shirt
26. Do you like the person who sent this to you? I did until they sent this. ;-)
27.Favorite drink? Diet Rock Star
28. Favorite sport? Shopping
29. Eye color?? Blue
30. Hat size? Small
31. Do you wear contacts? Nope
32. Favorite Food? Everything my Dr tells me not to eat.
33. Scary movie or happy ending? Happy ending.
34. Last movie you watched at the movies?
Owww, that makes my head hurt to think that hard
35. What color shirt are you wearing? I told you I'm naked already, jeeze.
36. Hugs or kisses? Air Kisses
37. Favorite dessert? Flavored Oxygen
38. Who is least likely to respond? CYD
39. Most likely to respond? Probably none of my friends (sniff)
40. What books are you reading? None, the library repossesed them
41. What did you watch on TV last night? Simple Life on the DVR
42. Favorite sounds? Ones that make me laugh
43. Rolling Stones or Beatles? Stones ( Hey Mom remember when I got susupended--because you told the school I went the concert and not to school? That was great, just great!)
44. The furthest you've been from home? Greece, or is France or Italy farther, I need a map! Or a globe! Hint!
45. What's your special talent? Wouldn't you like to know?
46. When and where were you born? Jan 5. 1979, PA.
47. Who sent you this? ELIZABETH P.--


B. said...

OOOH. A fellow Pennsylvanian at birth!

Swishy said...

A tug boat? Really?

I have NEVER been out of the country! I need to.