Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Drums, Piano or Guitar?

Drums, yes! Everybody has vacated the house, and here I am with a piano, a drum set, and guitar. Hmmm, which will it be? Drums, yep. Okay located drum sticks, sit down get familiar with the peddles, a one, a two, a three.... I SUCK. Give up.

Hmmm, maybe I should try the air hockey game, I think I use to kick some ass. Shit. I can't find the pucks or the on switch. Give Up.

Foos Ball really takes two or more to play.... Don't even bother to try, one less thing to find out I'm a dumbass.

Write this blog post. See I can start and finish something, not to brag but this is my third post today...okay I have too much time on my hands.

On the other hand I started a book Monday night on the plane and finished it today. I loved it!


Karinaxoxo said...

Dont feel bad about not being able to play instruments... It took me a whole day to master Old Macdonald had a Farm on piano!!!

momyblogR said...

Thanks for stopping by! Drums, piano or guitar eh? I wouldn't even attempt any of them, lol!

Swishy said...

I read that book, too--it's so good!

Crazy Dan said...

You sound like your having an ADHD day hope you find something to occupy your mind. Can I borrow your foosball table?

Manic Mom said...

Ooh, I need to read this. I have it but haven't started it yet.

mama kay said...

I love Foos Ball ... I wish I could play like I did in 87! Doubtful!
Oh .. drums, piano or guitar?? hmm - I sing, but I can read music and I suck at any musical instrument that I have ever tried.
I have a list (huge list) of books to read .. I am adding that one!