Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Agggghhh! Yesterday it seemed like all my fave bloggers were talking about what they would do if it was their last day on earth. Or how they almost died. Totally unrelated, I get an e-mail from a woman that I had a lunch date set for this week before I flew to MD, on the spur of the moment. The e-mail subject..How we should never expect some day to arrive. Then I check my voice mail, a friend was calling to make sure my plane got here in one piece and that I hadn't spontaneously combusted
You know that glitter in a wedding invitation I was bitchin about a few days ago? Send it by the truckful if it means we will get off the subject of death.
I missed my husband last night, what a lonely bed w/o him and our babies. I did get the sweetest e-mail from him, I was going to post in my blog because it was so damn sweet.
Today I drove my sister into work, got lost on the way home...called her and she guided me back to where I could take it from there. I took the youngest of her children to the dentist at 10:30 she said his appt was at 11:00, yep 11:00 next Wed the 30th, the receptionist said. Okay, no biggie...but then they said hang on a minute, they could probably take him right away before the real person with today's 11 am appt got there. Ok cool.
No food for 20 mins after the appt, ok, I can remember that. I offered up Mickey D's after a quick trip to the grocery store. But they had to know how to get there, nope they said they never pay attention they told me. Grilled cheese at home it is. I have no idea how to get to Mickey D's.


katie-q said...

its so great that you are there to look after your sister's kids. By the way, I like grilled cheese way better than McDonalds!

Crazy Dan said...

I didn't think a woman could get lost.. or at least I have never known one to admit it.

Swishy said...

Oh, you'll have to figure out where it is before you leave! :)

mama kay said...

grilled cheese at home is much better anyway!!!