Friday, August 11, 2006

I have a tattoo, a small one on my bikini line, it's a little fluffy lamb jumping over a fence. My maiden last name was what prompted it. I was going to have it put further into the bikini area so I could grow it fuzzy, but when it came down to it..I wasn't comfortable with sitting there with a stranger for an hour!It didn't come out like I had imagined and I was so drunk that it wasn't easy for him to work on me, plus I firmly believe the lines aren't as crisp because I had so much alcohol in my blood!My husband loves to tease me about it and given the chance he will tell you it's a penguin, a butterfly anything but a lamb..some day I will have it redone...sober. It is however a fun spirited conversation piece..My husband gets to count sheep before he goes to bed...

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r martini said...

That's funny!