Saturday, August 12, 2006

The Karma Gods~
I'm a people watcher, I like to study people, sometimes I like to draw people. I have acute social anxiety so I don't really talk to strangers per say. Not unless they talk to me first. I smile at people, I'm polite to people and I like to think that I am an unthreating element of the surroundings when strangers are forced to gether, say a grocery line (I never let them carry my bags out by the way).
So today I went to see about getting my hair done and having the Spa Day that I was suppose to have earlier this week. My hairdresser was about to go to lunch, and I said that's fine.I'll get my manicure, pedicure and waxing done first. Whe you are having 4 things doen, usually one of them can be started and you get booked for first available after that, it works out well.
There was a lady with short spiky hair sitting there, I don't know how long she had been there, but all of a sudden I feel this electricty shooting out of her. And that's where the Karma Gods come in..they must have started a rain dance around her in a invisible circle. She barks out.. WHAT'S THE HOLD UP? She wanted to be first as she has short hair and just needed her eyebrows done. She didn't have a hairdresser, she didn't have an appointment and apparently she didn't have any time to spare.She bullied one of the hair dressers into squeezing her eyebrow waxing in before his next appointment, no sooner does she start to follow him, when his appointment arrived. No luck there. Needless to say she had to sit back down, by this time nobody wanted her in their chair. As I walked out after a deep conditioning treatment, shampoo, cut and blow out (a good hour and a half later), she was still there. I guess her mother never told her that her face would freeze into that frown if she didn't turn it upside down.. Her hair was all of 3/4 of an inch on her entire head she could have gone a week without a cut and you wouldn't know, I hope she has a better evening than she did this afternoon. Don't piss the karma gods off, it never works out to your advantage.


Karinaxoxo said...

what a byotch!!! gotta luv Karma

Swishy said...

I totally just blogged about karma today ... ha ha. It does come back and bite you!

katie-q said...

Its true, and the funny thing is, those people can never understand why they always get 'treated so badly' maybe if they were nicer, things like that wouldn't happen to them!