Friday, October 12, 2007

Tuna With A Side of Asparagus

Mmm..what do we have here?

Smells like asparagus..
Yum! Mine!
Fleeing the scene..
I'll rip your head off little asparagus stalk and eat you all up!

Perhaps we have been a bit lenient here with Babyfred. She was mine and when we got married she officially became ours. Honey after a year of trying to love on her like she lets me love on her, resorted to the almighty tuna. Water-packed solid albacore. Everyday. As soon as he walks in the door. I refuse to give it to her, she doesn't ask me for it. She's not dumb, she has relaxed a bit with Honey, kinda like you scratch my tummy when it's full of tuna and we've got a deal mister.

However she has become an asparagus thief, I often eat at my desk and usually just vegetables. I like to think that I raised her not to beg or steal food and all was well until she had asparagus. She stole a stalk off my plate, while I was watching. She never ever did that before. With anything from pizza to salmon never once a swipe from the plate with me sitting right here. So it was kinda cute, she played with it and then gobbled it up. So of course Zeus and Fletch each got a stalk, and they loved it too. Weird. We let it go and thought she was just being cute that once. Until..until I cooked it a few days later, same thing. And we let her do it. I've created a monster. Just like Honey. He hand feeds her tuna on a real plate from the cabinet each serving while she sits on the kitchen table place mat and eats it. Now, well I let her eat asparagus, stolen from my plate while I sit here and giggle. Or take pictures like I did today. Shit! I forgot to give turtle-man his taste!


meno said...

Your cat eats asparagus? Now that is weird, and extremely cute.

kimberlie said...

thats the funniest thing i have seen in a while. Really. Who would have thought??!

meno said...

Does it make the cat pee smell worse?

TTQ said...

I don't think so, but litter box duty is not on my list, Honey does that. I only eat the tender baby ones, that probably don't have as much of that odorific chemical in it (sounds pretty technical huh?). It doesn't make my pee smell bad, but my digestive track is all out of whack and chemically aided by professionals. Which is why I don't eat meat, it turns into a toxin my body can't get rid of. TMI , I know. Sorry.

soapy t said...

i wanted to ask about the cat pee smell too, but meno, you all over it. i eat asparagus for that reason alone. and i eat beets b/c they make my stool appear bloody. and corn well...

fun times.

how's that for TMI?