Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Mental Health Day

I'm declaring a time-out for myself. I'll be back when I have deemed myself qualified to play amongst the rest of the bloggers of the world again. Right now, I'm going to sit here and whine to myself how shitty my day has been. Cause really, it's all about me isn't it. And if it's not then leave me alone anyways. No? Really? Go away! Come back!

Actually I had a pretty good post going on until Blogger didn't save my post. And now it's gone. And I'm sad. I'm mad.


Swishy said...

I think you are the GREATEST! I hope you are having a better day!

cubmommy said...

Sorry you are having a shitty day. I hope today is better. Hey it is ok to whine sometimes that is all we need to do.

kim said...

Bad Blogger!

When they take from you, they take from us all.

(They just rejected my comment too -- WT?)

soapy t said...

fuck off. don't stop. i need you.