Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Because Life Comes At You Fast

When I want something to happen, like putting up the Christmas tree, time seems to drag on and on. Other times life feels like it's pulling me along with it and I can't catch my breath. Then WHAM life turns a corner and I hit the wall while it marches on pulling me across the brick wall. And it hurts, A LOT. I feel tired, used up and pissed off because I have no desire to do anything but sleep. And sleep I do, only to wake up and to be greeted by dishes to be done, laundry to be folded and put away and bills to pay. Oh and don't forget grocery shopping.


Andrea said...

sounds like it's time for a margarita... :)

kimberlie said...

hmmm, yes i know what you mean. Maybe time for another holiday??!

Anonymous said...

I feel your pain!

kim said...

Oh girl, do I hear you. I'm on the other side now, but my brain chemistry betrayed me a couple of weeks ago -- I had out of town guests coming and I could not even turn my head to look at the stuff I was supposed to be cleaning.

My husband forced me to get up and play tennis on the Wii and that activity seemed to turn the switch toward better mental health.

If I were in FL I would come over and make you play Wii -- I know you wouldn't want to, but I'd would make you cause I care like that.

Feel better))))))))))))))))))

...and eff those dishes, what have they ever done for you besides hold your food? Holding food, that's not so special.

soapy t said...

i hear you sister, but i LOVE LOVE LOVE grocery shopping. love it.