Thursday, October 04, 2007

Another WTF?

My niece is having her wedding shower tomorrow night. Perfectly normal right? Wrong. One- it's a SURPRISE. Normal enough. But wait! It's unisex, okay that scraps a couple of presents I was going to give her. So once I got it straight that it was uni-sex, I read the invite again. It's a Casino theme! Yay! Honey and I don't gamble. But they all do. But wait! There's more! I reread it again, It's a Casino-Luau! hmmm. WTF is that , we pretend we are in Hawaii at a pig roast playing poker with visors on? Or do we pretend that we are in Las Vegas having a luau?

So it's a Surprise, uni-sex, Casino, Luau Wedding Shower! Ta-da! At this point we should just roll Halloween in there and maybe Thanksgiving and be done with everything till Christmas.

Oh and you have to wear casual bright tropical attire, sandals only. Wait I just read it again.

Adults Luau Casino night...Dress Festive/Vacation Style "Flip-flops only" and that is what is printed on the invite. Shit, I really wanted to dress up as Sharon Stone in Casino. Honey could wear his blazer and have his cigar ala Tony Soprano.


Andrea said...

I wouldn't be allowed to attend because I don't own a true pair of flip-flops. I tear them up too easily. How, I don't know, but invariably, it happens.

TTQ said...

We live in Coastal Florida, we always dress like we are on vacation. So I'm not sure why it was expressed again... maybe so we all get our pedicures freshened up? Mine don't match my nails..I know I know I'm a rebel.

Karen said...

Wow, what happened to the wedding-shower-themed wedding shower? I would have to decline based on the self-imposed October 1 deadline for toenail sprucing/painting. Toes go into hibernation until Spring. :)

Andie said...

oh my. too much complication.