Friday, October 19, 2007

My First Time Ever

I can recall the first time I ever swore in front of my mother, I was oh probably 13 or so and we were at the mall, to get something that I am sure I had pestering her for awhile. After she parked the car, we started walking through the parking lot and car backed out of a space and almost hit us, within inches. And I yelp "Shit!!". I remember turning red, and looking to see how much trouble I was in for swearing. She politely pretended she didn't hear me. I was given a free pass. And while I curse mostly on my blog today and not in actual conversations, I learned a valuable lessons, there are occasions you can curse and it's ok. Just don't curse at somebody for something stupid. Like the dumbass clerk at the grocery store, that's just mean. And probably I'm the one in a hurry and in a bad mood.
The second time I cursed in front of my mother, was driving through New York City from JFK to the Hamptons in a rental car or maybe it was on the way back from the Hamptons and to the port in NYC. I had never been to NY before, let alone drove in conditions like that. Everybody beeping at each other, bumper to bumper, not letting anyone in . It was brutal. So after getting honked at about 5 times, I started to get upset. And started muttering and getting louder with my "fuck you too, buddy" followed by "Sorry Mom". And this was repeated until I got the car and us in one piece to the rental car return place and took a cab to the cruise ship. Again, through out that whole ride, my mom calmly pretended she hadn't heard me, nothing was said. And I was very appreciative. She had been pointing things out along the way saying "pretty!". She may even have clapped her hands in glee a few times., like this was super exciting and the most fun thing ever.
I kinda lose track after that, I'm sure I must have slipped a few times, but maybe not.


meno said...

Ha! My mother used to, and probably still does, respond to the phone ringing by saying "Oh shit!"

But we weren't allowed to say anything worse. :)

Andie said...


funny because to this day, every time I said d naughty word in front of my mom, I go, oops, sorry mom. and she STILL scolds me for having a potty mouth.

Sassy said...


soapy t said...

i hate new york. it has made me me a foul mouth fuck tard.