Thursday, November 08, 2007

You Won't Make It Through My VIP Red Velvet Ropes

If you own a sweater like this, you probably aren't going to be invited over for a Holiday Party at my house. If somehow you manage to fly under my radar and get an invtation, do not show up in your Christmas Sweater. Peopel, designers out there make very nice holiday clothes. Velvets, Laces, Satin, Silks and Brocades. You will be turned away at the door if you are carrying chex mix and wearing a sweater with reindeer on it.


Cyd said...

Hallelujah. This is definitely a gene that we share.

Swishy said...

If I ever come to a party at your house, I will look FABULOUS, don't you worry!

kimberlie said...

I second this motion!

Andie said...


you don't have an Aunt Josie or something that wears this sort of sweaters?

Andrea said...

LOL! I haven't worn a holiday sweater since I was old enough to tell my mom how tacky I thought it was to wear such things. (She hasn't worn one since, either.) I will, however, probably sport a Santa hat to a holiday party. :)

soapy t said...

i love it. that is my mother and her sister. they love their x-mas sweaters. what baout big goofy santa head earrings.

TTQ said...

Soapy -Just a side note even though I am opposed to wearing Christmas crap, I'm not above dressing the animals up.

Andrea- good things come to those who tell the truth, except when it's your parents and they buy your Christmas presents.

Andie, Nope my one Aunt is not exactly what you call festive.

Kimberlie- with you seconding me, we can take over the world.

Swishy you better look Fab, we need someone to be our role model.

Cyd- Yes, are genes will ultimately tie us together forever. Bwhahahahah (evil laugh again)

meno said...

The day i don a holiday sweater is the day i officially become an old bat.

Not ready yet. May never be ready.