Friday, November 02, 2007

Ohh Ewww

I think my Doberman Zeus has a cold, he has been sneezing like crazy. Sneezing on me. Gross. Have you ever been showered with with a fine mist from a big dog? Repeatedly. Not a fun thing. I wonder if I can get sick from his snot. I'll have to Google it.

Another little gross tidbit. My new earphones fit better when my ears have earwax in them. Which is a problem since I tend to clean my ears a lot. There is something about the gummy residue that makes a better seal for the ear canal earpieces. That's my only grip with my new earphones, other than that they are awesome.

I got bit by what I thought was a carpenter ant, or maybe a baby wasp. I picked up a shirt and felt a sting. I'm not a baby when it comes to pain, but this actual sent a searing white light through my brain. Honey tried to find it to see if it was a spider, no luck. Two days later I still have two blisters, one on each hand. When I felt the sting I used my other hand to smash it and brush it off me. Now I'm waiting for it to fester up and become one of those spider bites that eats your skin. It's gonna be hard to do NaBloPoMo with two hands being eaten by festering spider bite wounds.
NaBloPoMo- Day 2-2007


Andrea said...

Poor thing! (and being the Southerner I am, that comes out more like "thang") My mom swears by putting a paste of meat tenderizer and water on stings. That, or tobacco mixed with a bit of spit.

kim said...

if the bites get bad, you can type with your toes, or hold a pencil in your teeth and you can peck the keys.

meno said...

I get grossed out when my cats sneeze on me, i can imagine how much worse it is when it's a big dog.

soapy t said...

i learned at girls night last night that spider bites can help your immune system and can actually be good for you. i didn't go ahead and google it, i just took it as fact, but you might want to research it yourself.

TTQ said...

Andrea- My husband still dips from his ball playing days.. I'm sure he would be glad to give me some..

Kim- LOL at pecking at the keyboard with a pencil, and I can write with a pen between my toes. Little known odd fact.

Meno- It is very very very gross, almost as much as his eye boogies.

Soapy- Spider bites and immune system booster. Voodoo perhaps?

kimberlie said...

eeeeeewwwwww (on all accounts!)


Andie said...

my sister got bitten by a spider in college and it ate at her skin.

she got to the infirmary (she was in college at the time) just in time for them to give her the meds she needed... otherwise she may have lost her foot!

take some benadryl- it should help!

Lola Gets said...

I have 4 cats in a house with a broken furnace. Two of the cats have mild lung disease. In the past week, I have had to deal with the wheezing of those two, plus the sneezing marathons of a third. What else am I to do, but take them all to the vet??
Yeah, thats going to be pure hell.

Love your blog - good luck with NoBloMoPoPo or whatever its called!