Sunday, November 18, 2007

I'm In Love

The acoustic guitar. Like drums or the human voice, this instrument is so common in Western popular music, it's easy to take for granted. Until you hear what it can do in the hands of an artist like Yoav. Charmed And Strange, the debut album from the London-based singer-songwriter, incorporates myriad sounds: woozy vapor trails; clipped, modern club beats; Middle Eastern flourishes; flashes of quiet introspection reminiscent of Nick Drake; eerie outcries a la Jeff Buckley. All crafted by Yoav, using only his voice, an acoustic guitar, simple effects and treatments… and a lot of imagination.

Yoav opened for Tori Amos tonight in Melbourne, Fl at the King Center, I'm in love. He is a one man act and played barefoot. He has a sexy mixed accent.. Awesome range

Tori rocked as usual and once again, I was at the same concert as her parents. She gave a shout out to her mom and sang an impromptu "pass the chicken" ditty.


Anonymous said...

How fun is that! I haven't been to a concert in forever!

kim said...

He's like stomp, only he uses a guitar instead of trashcan lids.

I like it.

Andrea said...

I'm jealous! But I hope you're feeling better.