Friday, November 23, 2007

No Escape

I sat here at my computer catching up on blogs last night and noticed that my new mail button was popping up pretty frequently. I clicked to check the new mail and to my horror almost all of them were ads. As I sat there looking at my inbox, a few more popped in withing seconds of each other. I sat there watching mesmerized like rubbernecking at car accident. It was like a drive by shooting with an AK47. They just continued to pour in. Helpless I started deleting, but the more I deleted the more they seemed to fill up my already overflowing mailbox. There was no escape or retreating. I shuddered thinking about my junk e-mail address I use for signing stupid stuff up looked like.

1 comment:

Swishy said...

I know!! I had like a zillion of them too.