Friday, November 09, 2007

She Stole Her Grannies Socks

I love this picture, not only does she look real, the white socks clinches it for me. The temperature has been dropping here and our floor if freezing cold. Lately I have been getting up in the middle of the night to put socks on, and when Honey gets home, he never fails me to say "You had your granny socks on".

In Honey's eyes, white panties, white socks and white bras = Granny Panties. It could be a white g-string and he would ask me why I have Granny Panties on.

Luckily, I wear mostly black and or colorful undergarments.

Brian Walker 2007, Plastic Fantastic
Contemporary Photography, Australia

" Brian Walker manipulates illustrations, photography and a dosage of surprise which provoke a reaction. He uses photographs as templates, which obtain a new, surreal meaning after intervention" Javno

"In a time where the line between hyper-realities and those of our own is becoming finer, the Sydney artist's work speaks a relative language. The digital artist is inspired by surreal landscapes, the evolution of fashion and changing popular culture " Cool Hunter

1 comment:

kim said...

so she's an easter basket?

but with granny socks.