Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Fun Quotes In Bloggerland

It might just be me but I have read a few things that have made me clap my hands in glee and giggle today.

From EJ Takes Life

Responding to my noting that it didn't seem very nice to be talking about another family member behind her back: "But sweetie, that's why people have backs."

From Rockstar Mommy

As if I have nothing better to do than to drive an hour round trip to ooh and ahh over a rug. A rug that I can already guess is uglier than the bastard lovechild of Sandra Bernhardt and Ron Jeremy

From Cyd

To be honest, I don't like having my bubble burst. I'd like to hang on to the fantasy that living wild is actually possible.

From Carolynne Bites

I love you too, but I'm going to mace you in the face now.

From Kim

Once I tried to jump some rail road tracks with my car . Apparently, I'm not a stunt driver and I got my car stuck on the tracks instead (the road was under construction, there was a ledge...). As I was walking to a phone, I heard the ding, ding, ding of the train warning, lights, gate, horns, breaks, LOUD metal smashing. That poor conductor. The people I worked with had a field day.

NaBloPoMo Day 6


Swishy said...

Those are all such great lines! LOL.

Andrea said...

I don't like having my bubble burst, either... :)

Andie said...

mwahahahahahaha those made my day!!!

kim said...