Sunday, November 04, 2007

My Doberman Eats Air

Our ubertalented Doberman has many strange habits. One of which is standing there eating air. Somehow he manages to make it sound like he is actually eating something. Further inspection of his large mouth doesn't reveal anything. He just stand there licking at an imaginary ice cream cone and then eating the imaginary cone with loud crunches.

NaBloPoMo Day 4


Andie said...

ha! scruffy tries to eat the air when I blow dry him!

Andrea said...

I used to have a dog that did that. That was the last big dog I had, and he was a lab and chow mix.

I sometimes miss having a dog, but right now my cat is just so much easier to take care of.

Andrea said...

Oh, and I hope you're feeling better.

TTQ said...

If we had kids I'm sure it would be different here!

Andie- volunteering to blow dry my doberman?

soapy t said...

does he imaginary fart as well?

Andie said...

um, I don't know. does your doberman like the blow dryer? scruffy loves it. it's like a game to him.

HA@ Imaginary fart!!! scruffy farts and then looks behind and runs away> he's always confused about what came out of his butt and why. It's freaking hilarious.

TTQ said...

The Beagle gets freaked out by his farts. He gets scared and runs away too. The Doberman always seems to fart when he sits just goes ppppfffffftttttt. Doesn't phase him a bit.