Sunday, November 11, 2007

Might As Well Go Blonde

I am becoming senile. Honey was reminding me to take my afternoon meds, and I mentioned to Mom, who was visiting for dinner, that Honey was reminding me now for my meds. She looked at me and said you are becoming absentminded. Yeah, well no kidding. I miss my memory. I lose my train of thought easily and sometimes I can't form words. So what did we do all this weekend? Played Scrabble.
The memory loss is a symptom of me being sick, it's pretty text book. Ammonia builds up in my blood and causes memory loss, confusion and a few other mental quirks. I take medicine to keep it in check but sometimes it just doesn't work. But I can usually double dose (ok with Dr's) and not go to the hospital. The last time I was in the hospital I couldn't remember my own phone number which was bad, and I would try to pick up the phone and instead my hand would go for the water pitcher...
Luckily, I'm a pretty quiet person, I don't say much, so it really isn't notable unless you are close to me. Bad thing, I forgot I put something under the broiler tonight and we had charred cheese. Some people are naturally forgetful, but my mind used to be quick and I didn't require much time to act and could multi-task. Now? Not so much. Seriously.


Swishy said...

I bet you'd be a cute blonde ;)

kim said...

:o( frown for the suck-ass ammonia feature.

:o) for the agree with swishy comment.

Cyd said...

I've seen TTQ as a blonde (and a brunette, and a redhead . . .) and she looks great no matter what color her hair is.

I apologize -- I'm supposed to be guest blogging and I can't find my login info. Bad guest blogger.