Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Help My Brain Is Melting

I'm getting dementia. Seriously. I'm out shopping today after meeting some friends at lunch, my phone rings. It's my Mom. "Aren't you coming over?". Um, yeah, I'm almost there. Which actually I was , I just wasn't heading to her house. So I swerve across three lanes of traffic merge and do a u-turn. I'm at her house in two minutes. I get inside, uh oh, she's not in her "track suit". She has real clothes on, I don't. "Remind me again what we are doing". She looks at me funny.. "I'm serious!".

"We are going to Orlando". Oh yeah. Now I kinda remember. It wasn't on my calender. It's not like my life is full of important meetings or anything, but if I don't put it on my calender, I will forget. Kinda like taking my medicine 4 times a day, sometimes the weekly pill box looks like a bingo card that isn't winning. Sigh. How much longer till my keys get taken away? Honey already digs my phone out of my purse in the evening to charge it and puts it back in my purse after it's charged.
NaBloPoMo Day 7


Andrea said...

At least Honey accepts that about you and charges your phone for you! How sweet! Mine doesn't do that for me, just rags me when my phone is dead.

soapy t said...

honey is good. very very good. your mom wears track suits? is she black or jewish?

TTQ said...

Ok she only wears the pants. Black with white stripes and a white shirt. She is however, sportin a grill. She gets them at a kiosk in the mall. Cheaper than dentures.