Thursday, September 21, 2006

Why oh why does this story fill me with glee? It's not because of football. It's the gnome itself..Gnomes are funny.


Yesterday, as I was photographing Honey's garden, I couldn't resist taking the picture of our garden statuette. Honey was not pleased, as she had a tough summer. I should point out that I do not like cutesy little garden statues in my yard. So I think she is great now. A warning to all things not to F*#@! with my, I mean Honey's garden. I do not garden, I take pictures of the garden. I give him my old panty hose to tie up his tomatoes or whatever it is he does with them out there. I will put on my gardening clogs and help pick vegetables when they all start producing at once and we pick 4 or 5lbs of vegetables a day.

Heads are going to roll!!!!!!!!!!!

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mama kay said...

Ok, that would so be me .. doing maahahahaha laugh. I do not garden either .. the husband does & he gets all excited about stuff that makes me cringe .. I am not talking creepy crawly stuff - cutesy stuff. Blech!