Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Finally! Happy Dance! Happy Dance! We are getting close to all the good shows coming back with new episodes! Yay! Thursday's are going to be hectic..three shows on at the same time. I can't set the dvr for all the TV's in the house, in case honey has something he wants to watch. So he gets one tv, but if he hasn't fallen asleep by the time my shows comes on I can only DVR one show and watch real time in another room, which means I'll have to skip one show!! Grey's, CSI, or the OC.. Tough choice maybe I'll break down and get another dvr capable receiver box, which means we will have 5 TV's that will be on satellite and I can record on.. it's only another $100 for the equipment and we have the extra tv's.. But really do 2 people need that many TV's? If I don't get one, I'll have to choose Grey's and The OC...

Fall premiers

ABC Shows
Grey's Anatomy- Thursday, Sept. 21st. 9/8c
Desperate Housewives- Sunday, Sept 17th. 10/9c
CBS Shows
CSI-Thursday, Sept 21st. 9/8c
CSI New York- Wednesday, Sept 20. 10 ET/PT
CSI Miami- Monday, Sept 18th. 10 ET/PT
NBC Shows
Law and Order SVU- Tuesday, Sept 19. 10/9c
FOX Shows
The OC-Thursday, Nov 2. 9/8c
WB Shows
Gilmore Girls Tuesdays 8/7c


Swishy said...

Thursdays are going to be insane!!! What are they thinking? I am already strategizing as well :)

katie-q said...

I heart Grays & The OC.

Do you have satellite?? I do and have a feature called timeshifting which allows me to watch shows in different time zones which usually makes it very easy to watch shows generally on at the same time, I can watch one at 9 in my time zone, and then record the other at midnight on the west coast. (I'm in Canada though so it may differnt)

Veronica said...

I think that Gilmore Girls is now officially on the "CW."

Anonymous said...

I can't wait! There are so many new shows out there now!

I hope you have a restful weekend!

Veronica said...

The CW is is the newly merged UPN and WB. So, now Gilmore Girls and America's Next Top Model are on the same channel. Which actually rocks for me, because we get the CW where I live, but never did get the WB, so I had to download the Gilmore Girls all last season.