Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Gabba Gabba Hey!

So this morning I'm having a conversation with a good looking young man in a skirt....about the Ramones. Yes, his skirt is a kilt, and he just got done playing at a funeral. Someone else pipes out "How much do you have to pay the piper these days?" $150.00 is you comitted suicide or had premartial sex .
Okay, you only have to pay for just those two?? That's what I wanna know.
Everything else you play for free? So what do I look in the phone book under pipes? pipe players? How's this thing work? He says "yeah, look under pipes 1-976-PIPES, baby" Okay I'm blushing now. That's kinda hard to make me do.
Okay so he starts on My-my-my my-Sharona! (Not on the pipes, he's not carrying his pipes with him, I assume they are in his car!) Yikes I too?! I can't get the Ramones out of my head this past week.... Gabba Gabba Hey! 24 24 24 hours to go... I wanna be sedated...Nothin to do, no way to get home, I wanna be sedated..... bam, bam , bam, bam. BAMP
So now at this happy little social gathering, I try not to look at him anymore, because..the only two things I haven't asked him yet...can you guess?....Right. Is he hanging free in his kilt as per tradition...AND can I take your picture for my blog... I'm a sell out. A dork. Before I got married, I would have asked those two things in a heart beat. But, alas there were people there who know my husband, alot of them. Bummer, but if I see him again soon, I am going to ask if he was wearing underwear, see cause he won't have the kilt I won't look like such a freak.

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mama kay said...

Oh my friend I would pay $$ to be there when you ask the question(s) ... I am certain that I could not and I would really like to know!