Friday, September 22, 2006


I fell out of bed. Can you believe it? I fell out of bed. I fell the f*@# out of bed. Our floors are Terrazo (hard poured concrete with flecks of colored stones & glass), they are very hard. I didn't actually fall, I threw myself out of the bed while sleeping. I was having a nightmare, there were bad guys on a train and I was trying to get away away from them, and the only way was to squeeze through a half open window with enough force to throw myself clear of the tracks. Well I did it, and it hurt for real, the floor was hard, cold and smooth. Not a soft embankment of pine needle which would have probably cut me a bit, but would not have hurt so bad on the bones. Rude awakning.
I am not a good sleeper, I've been know to talk away throughout the night, kick and one night, honey said all I did was count numbers and add numbers ALOUD. I don't fall asleep quickly on my own, I don't like taking ambien, it doesn't make me sleep any better, and people do strange things when they take it. Trust me, I've seen my honey do some oddball stuff. And of course the Kennedy who recently thought he was going to work at 2:35 am, I can so sympathize with him, granted I have never got behind the wheel after taking ambien, but I have talked my honey out of it once ( that's in a course of two years, not months). He usually falls asleep very quickly after he takes it and lays down. I take it and and will try to finish something I was doing, next thing you know, it is three hours later and I can't remember shit. I did some reading on it and it's called a hypnotic. Great. No wonder I was counting in my sleep, I was probably clucking like a chicken some other night. So I will rarely take ambien it's expensive and doesn't work so great for me. Oh and it makes you hungry, gives ya the munchies..
The whole point is, I threw myself out of bed onto the floor...My mom thinks I should put a soft rug on my side of the bed, I told her maybe I should wear a helmut and pads for my knees and elbows pad. My honey thinks I may have had a seizure, so I have to stay in the house today in case it was a seizure or I have a concussion from hitting my head on the floor.


mama kay said...

Ouch! I mean, obviously ouch .. but that floor sounds brutal!
I think your mom is right, a good (thick) rug is in order.

Darn .. I started to think that might work for me – I can not sleep at all anymore ... but if it comes with the munchies – NO WAY Jose.

Hope you feel better today …

Karitown said...

Owwww, that sounds painful. Pretty, but painful. I have a terrible time sleeping, but no nightmares, thank God.

Swishy said...

Ouch! I fall off the couch sometimes, but I haven't fallen out of bed in forever.