Saturday, September 23, 2006

What's in your bag? A photo group on Flickr... The photos in the group all have little notes on the picture as to what everything is..there are a lot of people who have done this little photo essay. Kinda cool checking out what everybody carries in their bag.

What's in Your Bag

If you want to see more of my life and pictures just click the Flickr banner on my side bar, Warning: I just got a new camera and have been taking pics of everything~

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Cyd said...

This is a really cool idea and the group just sucks you in. I guess it goes without saying that you don't bother photographing any dirt-covered tums, broken pencils, or ripped-and-crumpled receipts. Then there are the rocks I picked up on San Juan Island about three years ago. They might make an interesting picture.