Monday, September 04, 2006

Happy Labor Day~

No more white shoes! Fall will be here soon, Mommy's will get a break from having a house full of kids, yours and their little friends. I love the fall, even though the leaves don't change here. Even so, this will be my 3rd fall in Central Florida, there is a difference between Central and South Florida. I've been doing Fall cleaning, I took all my clothes out of our bedroom closet and moved it to the Master Bedroom closet aka, EJ's ( my 16 year old niece, when she is down from GA) room and my dressing room.
That closet was full of honey's fathers clothes and shoes, which are all boxed up and ready to go to charity. Honey is so sentimental, he couldn't do it even though I believe he has been in this house for 5 years now, since his father died. I still have another bedroom to go through, it is jammed packed with my stuff from Ft. Lauderdale and a lot of his family's stuff. He is starting to adjust to all the changes, because as I find cool stuff, I find a place for it, so he can see it. I love old photographs and I have started reframing and displaying them, which he totally approves of.
We still have 4 dining room tables aggh! We almost inherited a fifth which I love, but my oldest sister has first rights to.
I love that my clothes have room and are organized now, I still can't really get to my purses as they are in the 4th bedroom..the jammed packed one. We also have a huge foyer that is jammed with boxes and even more furniture, luckily it has three walls so it isn't that noticeable. We don't use the main front door, but I would like too some day.
A friend of ours who is here from his job in Japan has offered to help with the tile project that I want to do. It's not a big one and we should be done in a day. Neither one of us has ever done it before but I found some really straightforward instructions on a DIY website. I think we can handle it.
I hit all the Labor Day sales, but I'm not in much of a shopping mood, I'm more in a nesting mode. I really don't need anything that I can think of except materials for projects around the house. I found a comforter to replace the one the dobie ate. I sorted through my christmas stashes to see if i was lacking anything.
I can actually start wrapping if I wanted to. Yes, I'm one of those annoying creatures that shops year round and then puts the tree up the day after Thanksgiving. Then I start wrapping and the piling of the presents begins. I love to see everything all wrapped and shiny, no kids live here so I don't have to worry it makes the holidays so much cheaper and calmer. I can focus more on having people come for dinners. The only thing I don't save on is honey's presents, those are usually big ticket ones and mom's since she doesn't write up her list until Nov.

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