Sunday, September 17, 2006

It's a family affair. I love love love that more blogs are popping up in our family. I'm not talking the neices and the nephews on MySpace. (I think Myspace is a playground for pedophiles)I also love that we have flickr now, where you can post whatever pics you want. (I'm off to buy a new camera today) YAY! So I encourage you to reach out a meet my big sister...

Cyanocorax on Livejournal

I told my honey he sould start his own blog, he's funny, he can be silly, he knows alot about baseball and gardening. I'm sure a few political rants would end up in there. I said I would start him up and set it up. He just doen't feel like he needs to jump from e-mails and IM to blogs. This is coming from a guy who can't work the tv's in the house. Techie things mine. Gardening things him. House projects we try and hire people these days, because both of our DIY projects never come out as planned..or last very long.

I would also like to see mom start a blog, that would be cool because I might be able to figure out what she's got cooking, and head on over there. Though we IM pretty much everyday, go hang out her work, and stop by her house alot...i just can't get enough of my mommy! And my husband adores her, which I think is great!

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