Monday, September 18, 2006

Does your significant other read your blog?

Last night, my honey was trying to find my blog. He started searching and couldn't find it. I didn't help him. If he wants to read it, he can find it on his own. I think I prefer that he not read it. It's ok for strangers to read, and my big sister, but she is the only person I know personally who reads my blog, and I think she forgets from time to time. It's not like I actually write anything that may hurt his feelings, there is no lusting after other men, griping about his shortcomings, or boasting about his abilities. I write about my honey enough to where people know I am attached, and that is a good thing, just like I never take my wedding ring off and leave it off.


jagular said...

I know that my wife knows I have a blog. I think she knows where it is. But I don't thinks that she reads it. Not that I would be upset if she did. If she asked me for the URL I would give it to her, just as if she asked me what my email password was I would give her that, too.
By the same token, She likes to go to chatrooms. I don't have any concerns as to who she is talking to or what they are saying. I'm sure that sometimes she talks trash about me online. It's not a big deal. I think that is just called venting some steam. It's better than bottling it up, anyway.
Besides, neither one of us is particularly jealous or possessive.
I guess it all comes down to how secure you are in your relationship with each other.
But it's also possible that he sees that you enjoy blogging and would like to share that with you. Instead of being "alone time" it could be something to do together.
It could work either way. Or you may keep two blogs.

Karina said...

My man knows that I have a fashion blog - and he goes he is always trying to find it ( I dont know why - because it is just fashion and beauty!!) but I'm the same - I havent told him. If he REALLY wants to know - he could find out... its not hard (heck my name is in my url)
P.S Sorry about lack of comments... i've just created a non beta blogger account to post on non beta accounts.

mama kay said...

The husband doesn't know that I blog. He doesn't know what a blog is .. he doesn't really know what the internet can even do .. and that is ok.
I think if he asked, I would tell him, but since the nature of my blog is my daily rantings - my cheap therapy .. I guess I wouldn't feel as free to write if I knew that he was reading all the time. In general, everything I post I tell him eventually - but in my time, after I have written it and thought about it and gotten feed back ..
But, like jagular said, it is about how secure you are (or aren't as a couple) - we aren't insecure, as a rule ..

Cyd said...

I figured out (again) live bookmarking, so now I have you in my Daily Feeds folder. Hopefully I won't forget. Now that I've started a little blogging myself, hubby asks "Should I be reading it?" I guess it is like many things. I can say "Go for it," relatively secure in the knowledge that it may be too much effort and not enough payoff for him. Mainly because my blogging so far has been somewhat pathetic. Unlike my sparkling repartee in these comments (heh). I'm with Jagular, if he asks for the URL I'll give it too him.

TTQ said...

I think if he did ask for the url I would give it to him, but he hasn't asked for it or even asked if he could read it..He loves to yank peoples chains...
He writes the old way, with pen and paper, I don't read it unless he asks me too, even when cleaning up..I just stack them and group them..and put them where he can find it.

Swishy said...

No significant other, but I don't like to really tell "real-life" people about the blog. Two guys I work with know about it, and that is about all the self-censoring I can handle right now!