Friday, May 30, 2008

A Polyglot of Fashion?

I'm pretty sure I am using polyglot incorrectly, but hey the stylists are using her just plain wrong for thier own twisted ideas. Then again she could have said "Oh, Hell No" Without further ado, I bring you the "Cinderella Cindy Lou Who, also known as an excellant dress for breast feeding without the hidden Janet Jackson wardrobe malfunction protype for a toliet paper roll decorator (or what ever those things people knit to put on toliet paper rolls.

The second one I have pretty much have the same to say "cindy Lou Who meets Mary Poppins. Now where is my fucking umbrella? And I have to wear these oven mitts so I can't pull out my own hair or otherwise harm myself. Trust me, you don't want oven gloves on you hands other than for cooking, but I digress.

Now to prove I hate the game not the player, here she is dressed nicely on the arm of her husband, albeit a bit too tan for my taste

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Bad Bad Days ( A Rant)

I've been back in the hospital (isn't weird that British people say in hospital?). Again they sent me home with more pain meds and a ton of follow ups to do. I didn't even ask for my story, song or joke. I've been begging for help and relief. In tears. I've probably have had six meltdowns since Monday. I now have a migraine on top of it. Yesterday my keys were in jeopardy of being confiscated by Honey. Today I had another Dr's appt. Again I had a meltdown, I feel like a broken record. Nobody can give me any answers because they have never had a case like mine before. They are however going to do the exploratory surgery out patient but under General Anthesia so that's good and bad, my blood pressure is so low, I can" bottom out" as they say.. I'm freaking out because I know this is hard on Honey and he has been missing so much work to look after me, he has the vacation and sick time, it's just that he gets behind when he has to cancel his appointments with clients. So I worry his boss is going to chew him out.

Things right now are unbearable and I'm losing my "trooper" face. 90 degrees ou and I'm wearing long sleeve shirts to cover track marks, they blew 4 veins again. I look like a freaking zombie heroine addict only not that skinny.

I'm tempted to give up and say the hell with medicine and dr's.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Brangelina Buy A 60 Mill French Estate

It took me awhile to actually read why the picture was in the news, I couldn't stop staring at her boobs. That rack makes the babybump seem graceful and private. As for Angelina caring about a 35 bedroom house with all the bells and whistles, she's too busy looking at her boobs. If I had boobs like that I would stare at them all day too. 6 more years and I'm getting mine jacked up like hers. I'm going hit 40 with a bang.

Does It Work For YOU?

Can you see the video below? The one in the previous post? Sand Hill Crane Family?

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Baby Crane!!!

Sand Hill Crane Family from I am TTQ on Vimeo.

We finally got our video of the babys. They have been all over but this time we had the Flip and new batteries. We went alligator hunting later, we found a swarm of turtles that dived down in the water when we tried to sneak up on them. I thought it was a sweet gesture of Honey since he is scared shitless of alligators and sometimes well, I get as close as I can. I used to be an alligator wrestler. Bet you didn't know that did you. *wink* I have almosted touched a HUGE one, that I thought was concrete because it was on a paved entrance to Shark Valley down by the Keys. Turns out he wasn't fake, scared the shit out of me when he snapped his mouth shut. We were biking the trail, I must have been a mile away from him after he did that. Baby gators are cute and not too scaly too be gross, I'm not afraid to hold them, which I have.. just got watch out for the mama's.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Still Got My Game On

Tell me a story, sing me a song, tell me a joke. Whenever I have to go in the hospital those are the three things I ask for. I don't care if your a family member , a nurse, or a doctor, I'm going to ask you. You don't know a story? Then sing me a song. Can't sing? Then tell me a joke. And since I've been feeling pretty shitty for about two weeks, I need a story, or a song, or a joke. And I need to be distracted, something else to think about. Or laugh at.

So I am asking you all to write me a story (you don't have to make it up), sing me a song (which you don't actually have to sing, but if you could and you put it on youtube, you get bonus points)*** You can post a link to your most favorite song and that counts as a entry***** No story, no about a joke? A link to the funniest thing you found on the internet today?

The winner will get a free goody box filled with fun stuff. For a preview go see Andie's post on Sweet.Southern.Spirited or on Kim's Blog It's a Maze and Aaaand Maraca . It will also mark my two year blogoversary.

Didn't We All

Priscilla Ahn - Dream

I first heard the song on Grey's Anatomy's Season Finale from May 21,2008. It hit something in me so I thought I's blog it.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


I ventured out again today. We needed a trip to the store and Honey couldn't hack it anymore. So I went. I hope the lucky man knows just how lucky he is.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Don't Just Don't (speak to me)

I left the house today (only to prove some kind of point). It had been since last Monday when we went to the Doctor. Yesterday, Honey felt the need to ponder the thought that my feet haven't even walked across the lawn. Isn't that odd, he says? Not really. Not really at all. Let me know when It's been a month. Oh and oops! Did you know today was Tuesday not Monday. I just now figured that out.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Day 3 at home

I've been grounded and it sucks. I threw my back out on Sunday in the fray of getting ready for mom. I did it pretty good this time. By Monday morning I was worse off, Honey called in to work and got me to the DR where he tested my range of motion and the extent of my injuries. I screamed like a woman having a baby three times before I could clamp my mouth shut. I must have sounded like a woman having a baby. So now I'm jacked up on muscle relaxants and vicodin. Honey says I have to stay in bed on the heating pad. No driving, which I agree. But tomorrow, I may have to break out with the aid of a friend before I get really cranky. If I can get up and straight I can walk ok, though my knee tends to buckle. Sciatica. Same with sitting, if I manage to get down, I'm okay till I have to move. The only fun part? I have a silver bell to ring when I need something.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Before Dinner Fun

Can you find Babyfred (my kitty kitty)? She is in the top picture and in the bottom picture

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Mom Is Coming Over!

I always freak when mom comes to dinner, it's like I want to prove I'm a responsible adult who can have people over for a proper dinner. The shopping is done, the presents are wrapped. The food is all here waiting to be cooked tomorrow. And of course the cake bought.

Now I'm on a cleaning frenzy and I'm dead tired, I was sick most of last night so my sleep was interrupted by frequent visits to the bathroom. Speaking of which I have to go make sparkle. I'm going to go put roomba down in the living room while I do it. My floors are in desperate need of mopping. I'm thinking of getting somebody to come in and clean twice a month. The trouble with that? The animals... I't's probably going to be hard to find someone who can work around them..

Juno finally arrived from Netflix, I finally returned the three I had here and now I can get new ones. The last three could have been her three months or so and I never did watch them....

Thursday, May 08, 2008

My Care Package

I finally had a chance to dig through my camera bag for my backup memory card that had roomon it to take pictures of the yummy stuff that Andie at Sweet. Southern.Spirited sent to me.

We have:

Spicy kettle cooked Zappa "Crawtaters" aka potato chips

Authentic Camellia Red Beans from Louisiana with recipe on the back. Honey loves to make beans . So he is in charge of that.

A Hubig's Lemon Pie. I'm dying to dig into that, I just have to make it till Sunday...

Praline Coffee from Community Coffee

And Tony Chachere's Original Creole Seasoning which has: Salt, red pepper and other spices, garlic. Hint: It's the other (secret) spices that makes it special!

Where Am I And What Was I Doing???

My new DL's picture. Isn't it pretty? Mischa Barton's arrest photo. I actually don't look stoned in my new one. But I felt just like she looks here.

EGADS!! I had to go into the garage to turn on the irrigation per Honey's request. I think I turned the right zone on and for the right amount of time. The garage and a seperate workshop are not part of the mainhouse, different structures adjoined by our screened in patio. I don't like that building everything is covered in dust and I'm pretty sure that some animals live in the rafters.

I'm doing a full detox on my digestive organs. We ate entirely too much sodium and fat in Tampa. I have to be ready for Mother's Day to do it all over again. So full vegetarian diet until them. Mostly detox tea, smoothies, fruit and veggies. And almost no rice, flour or wheat. Amazing how well my other medications work when I'm eating the right stuff. I woke up twice last night sweating out toxins. The a/c is set on like 73 so it wasn't like it was hot in the house. My head hurts but that's part of the detox, sometimes you get flu like symptoms.

I lost my Driver's Licsence on Monday (I think) so I popped in to get a new one. Right, like you can just pop in or out of the DMV. In my dreams. Honey swears he took the cash for the new a/c unit out of the bank envelope, I swear he put the whole envelope in his pocket. So it's probably somewhere, but I'm not going to drive myself crazy looking for it. It's not worth slipping into a super manic mode. So I got a new one with a picture that I don't look stoned in, but I had no make-up on. I thought they would just hit reprint.. I finally registered to vote in this county as well and got an State ID card too. I'll use that and my passport when I travel out of the country unless of course we take a trip that we rent a car in.

I am going to go make more tea. The sleepy kind. Pub lix calls their's Lullaby Tea. Lemongrass and berries plus Chamomile and Valerian

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Ze Brain Is Pan Fried

My brain is fried. Too many small things that need attention, rapid fire. Tomorrow is MY day. I have no plans , appointments or promises to keep. I'm not leaving the house unless it's on fire. I may even watch Jerry Springer. Seriously, I need a pick me up. I can't even look in the mirror today. I did get a good surprise earlier Andie's box came! Yay! So much yummy stuff!! I want to take pictures and show you guys how nicely she packed the "care" package prize. Check back tomorrow for pics! And thanks again Andie! Honey thanks you too!

Monday, May 05, 2008


My turtle moves faster than trying to upload footage from the Clapton Concert Saturday night. Ok so 25 mins of one try was user error. But still.. No wonder I've have yet master editing, if I get it up on youtube, I let it ride. Why did I have to bring TWO cameras??

Oh and our a/c wasn't working when we got home it was blowing warm muggy florida air through the vents. Luckily it rained most of the night and cooled off and we turned the unit off and switched all the ceiling fans on high. The fans are no officially clean while our furniture is covered with whatever was on the blades.

I was bitching to my mom on IM and she said well there goes your govt refund and like a jackass I said cruise money is now a/c money. Yikes! The cruise this year is for her 70th birthday. She waited a minute then typed "I knew this (the cruise) would never happen".... Ouch. Honey and I talked after his nap and came up with a new game plan. So when I meet up with her today, hopefully I can convince her not to worry.

Sunday, May 04, 2008

To Start Press Any Key

The first 365 picture of Andie's new 365 photo blog. Relaxing watching TV after work.
Friday before we headed out to Tampa, I was reading blogs and Andie at Sweet.Southern.Spirited and found out I won a prize (you have to go visit her to see what I won!) for reading both her blogs. She has a great 365 photo blog of the same name as her original blog. Only it's all pictures and well, some reading too. I've Been reading her blog since I started blogging just about two years ago. She's from New Orleans and is always doing cool things from berry picking, taking photos and just loving life she inspires me a lot! I hope you guys will get a chance to get to know her.
She is also the proud mom of Scruffy!

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Tickety Tockity

First and foremost Mother's Day is sneaking up on us. What are you getting your mother?? My mom is invited for dinner, we are going to get her a box of wine and a pony keg that fits in the fridge. She wants kabobs made on the grill we got for x-mas (it's massive with burners and had to be hard wired to the house gas line.) I found a necklace and some earrings I would like to get her plus some smaller gifts under $25.00. And dessert is a must. This year I am going to buy a cake from a local gourmet place. One less thing for me to do. Anybody else have an ideas for mother's day? I have a feeling the earring and necklace are a bit pricey for us after going to Tampa.

We leave for the weekend in the morning. It's Honey's B-day present, we are going to Tampa the West Coast of Florida (I live on the East Coast). We have tickets to see Eric Clapton. I like Clapton, but I'm not sure if he would be someone I would go see without being with someone who really wants to see him. To be fair Honey got surprise tickets to Tori Amos a while back. He is not a Tori Fan. Which is no surprise. I went with my sister and her husband a few years back in Baltimore, we got upgraded to front row, My BIL bought me a T-shirt and a cd of the opening act. They however weren't big fans of hers. So It was a long concert for them to sit through (honey too, but he pretended to love it.)
I'm planning on bringing the laptop (free wi-fi) internet in the rooms not that we will be in there alot. We are going to eat tons of Cuban food. I'll be drinking lots of cuban coffee (espresso type often made with tons of sugar and is like rocket fuel) and of course Honey wants to go to the cigar shop he orders from on line.