Thursday, May 08, 2008

Where Am I And What Was I Doing???

My new DL's picture. Isn't it pretty? Mischa Barton's arrest photo. I actually don't look stoned in my new one. But I felt just like she looks here.

EGADS!! I had to go into the garage to turn on the irrigation per Honey's request. I think I turned the right zone on and for the right amount of time. The garage and a seperate workshop are not part of the mainhouse, different structures adjoined by our screened in patio. I don't like that building everything is covered in dust and I'm pretty sure that some animals live in the rafters.

I'm doing a full detox on my digestive organs. We ate entirely too much sodium and fat in Tampa. I have to be ready for Mother's Day to do it all over again. So full vegetarian diet until them. Mostly detox tea, smoothies, fruit and veggies. And almost no rice, flour or wheat. Amazing how well my other medications work when I'm eating the right stuff. I woke up twice last night sweating out toxins. The a/c is set on like 73 so it wasn't like it was hot in the house. My head hurts but that's part of the detox, sometimes you get flu like symptoms.

I lost my Driver's Licsence on Monday (I think) so I popped in to get a new one. Right, like you can just pop in or out of the DMV. In my dreams. Honey swears he took the cash for the new a/c unit out of the bank envelope, I swear he put the whole envelope in his pocket. So it's probably somewhere, but I'm not going to drive myself crazy looking for it. It's not worth slipping into a super manic mode. So I got a new one with a picture that I don't look stoned in, but I had no make-up on. I thought they would just hit reprint.. I finally registered to vote in this county as well and got an State ID card too. I'll use that and my passport when I travel out of the country unless of course we take a trip that we rent a car in.

I am going to go make more tea. The sleepy kind. Pub lix calls their's Lullaby Tea. Lemongrass and berries plus Chamomile and Valerian

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