Sunday, May 04, 2008

To Start Press Any Key

The first 365 picture of Andie's new 365 photo blog. Relaxing watching TV after work.
Friday before we headed out to Tampa, I was reading blogs and Andie at Sweet.Southern.Spirited and found out I won a prize (you have to go visit her to see what I won!) for reading both her blogs. She has a great 365 photo blog of the same name as her original blog. Only it's all pictures and well, some reading too. I've Been reading her blog since I started blogging just about two years ago. She's from New Orleans and is always doing cool things from berry picking, taking photos and just loving life she inspires me a lot! I hope you guys will get a chance to get to know her.
She is also the proud mom of Scruffy!


Andie said...

awww!!! you are too sweet! :)

I hope you enjoy your goody box. It should be there by wednesday or thursday! :)

soapy t said...

hey andie, we found one another via ttq. good times. good times.

Andie said...

did you get your box yet? :)