Friday, May 23, 2008

Still Got My Game On

Tell me a story, sing me a song, tell me a joke. Whenever I have to go in the hospital those are the three things I ask for. I don't care if your a family member , a nurse, or a doctor, I'm going to ask you. You don't know a story? Then sing me a song. Can't sing? Then tell me a joke. And since I've been feeling pretty shitty for about two weeks, I need a story, or a song, or a joke. And I need to be distracted, something else to think about. Or laugh at.

So I am asking you all to write me a story (you don't have to make it up), sing me a song (which you don't actually have to sing, but if you could and you put it on youtube, you get bonus points)*** You can post a link to your most favorite song and that counts as a entry***** No story, no about a joke? A link to the funniest thing you found on the internet today?

The winner will get a free goody box filled with fun stuff. For a preview go see Andie's post on Sweet.Southern.Spirited or on Kim's Blog It's a Maze and Aaaand Maraca . It will also mark my two year blogoversary.


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I'll have to find some funny things for you. :)