Thursday, May 01, 2008

Tickety Tockity

First and foremost Mother's Day is sneaking up on us. What are you getting your mother?? My mom is invited for dinner, we are going to get her a box of wine and a pony keg that fits in the fridge. She wants kabobs made on the grill we got for x-mas (it's massive with burners and had to be hard wired to the house gas line.) I found a necklace and some earrings I would like to get her plus some smaller gifts under $25.00. And dessert is a must. This year I am going to buy a cake from a local gourmet place. One less thing for me to do. Anybody else have an ideas for mother's day? I have a feeling the earring and necklace are a bit pricey for us after going to Tampa.

We leave for the weekend in the morning. It's Honey's B-day present, we are going to Tampa the West Coast of Florida (I live on the East Coast). We have tickets to see Eric Clapton. I like Clapton, but I'm not sure if he would be someone I would go see without being with someone who really wants to see him. To be fair Honey got surprise tickets to Tori Amos a while back. He is not a Tori Fan. Which is no surprise. I went with my sister and her husband a few years back in Baltimore, we got upgraded to front row, My BIL bought me a T-shirt and a cd of the opening act. They however weren't big fans of hers. So It was a long concert for them to sit through (honey too, but he pretended to love it.)
I'm planning on bringing the laptop (free wi-fi) internet in the rooms not that we will be in there alot. We are going to eat tons of Cuban food. I'll be drinking lots of cuban coffee (espresso type often made with tons of sugar and is like rocket fuel) and of course Honey wants to go to the cigar shop he orders from on line.


Frannie Farmer said...

That cake looks beautiful ... almost too pretty to eat. Not that it would stop me.
I was thinking that I would love to dive into that bed - but it sort of looks like you would bounce right off ....

steph said...

have so much fun! i'm jealous you're going over there! as for mother's day, i need to get myself on that!! we were busy figuring out what to get my brother for his graduation/birthday -- we got him the ride-alongs in daytona (in the race car, at the track).

Cyd said...

While you are in Tampa, I'm up here in Tallahassee. It is so hard to be so close and yet so far away!! Hope you have a fantastic weekend.

I haven't scored too well on recent gifts for Mom, so I want to do a good job on this one. I just have no idea!

(btw, one gift will be that I'm pretty sure we'll be able to go on that cruise later in the year . . .)

TTQ said...

Our Hotel room looked just like this, and had a big flat screen Hd tv. I'm moving in next weekend.

Andie said...

did you have a good time?

My sister & I are taking my mom out to tea at the Ritz Carlton hotel- it's pretty inexpensive (about $20 per person) and it's really fun! :)