Friday, May 30, 2008

A Polyglot of Fashion?

I'm pretty sure I am using polyglot incorrectly, but hey the stylists are using her just plain wrong for thier own twisted ideas. Then again she could have said "Oh, Hell No" Without further ado, I bring you the "Cinderella Cindy Lou Who, also known as an excellant dress for breast feeding without the hidden Janet Jackson wardrobe malfunction protype for a toliet paper roll decorator (or what ever those things people knit to put on toliet paper rolls.

The second one I have pretty much have the same to say "cindy Lou Who meets Mary Poppins. Now where is my fucking umbrella? And I have to wear these oven mitts so I can't pull out my own hair or otherwise harm myself. Trust me, you don't want oven gloves on you hands other than for cooking, but I digress.

Now to prove I hate the game not the player, here she is dressed nicely on the arm of her husband, albeit a bit too tan for my taste


steph said...

i usually look forward to those ads every month in the front of my vogue, but when i saw those victoria beckham ones on Perez the other day, i just about died. i think she can be very beautiful and fashionable, but holy crap those are some hideous pictures!

Smileygirl said...

Can someone please explain why she looks so PISSED OFF in every fricking picture!?!? Hello???? She's married to DAVID BECKHAM FOR PETE'S SAKE!!!!

.Nicotine.Queen. said...

His penis might not work correctly.

And the second pic looks like the crochet dolls my grandmother used to make as toilet paper covers.