Monday, May 05, 2008


My turtle moves faster than trying to upload footage from the Clapton Concert Saturday night. Ok so 25 mins of one try was user error. But still.. No wonder I've have yet master editing, if I get it up on youtube, I let it ride. Why did I have to bring TWO cameras??

Oh and our a/c wasn't working when we got home it was blowing warm muggy florida air through the vents. Luckily it rained most of the night and cooled off and we turned the unit off and switched all the ceiling fans on high. The fans are no officially clean while our furniture is covered with whatever was on the blades.

I was bitching to my mom on IM and she said well there goes your govt refund and like a jackass I said cruise money is now a/c money. Yikes! The cruise this year is for her 70th birthday. She waited a minute then typed "I knew this (the cruise) would never happen".... Ouch. Honey and I talked after his nap and came up with a new game plan. So when I meet up with her today, hopefully I can convince her not to worry.


steph said...

ugh about your ac! my car ac broke and i drove down here with it broken for a year and a half. i thought i would die, and my mom finally took pity on me and got it fixed for me. that crap costs a lot to fix.

i hopeyour cruise works out!!!

kimberlie said...

haha, i cleaned my fan blades a while back. Not good, not good at all.