Saturday, May 10, 2008

Mom Is Coming Over!

I always freak when mom comes to dinner, it's like I want to prove I'm a responsible adult who can have people over for a proper dinner. The shopping is done, the presents are wrapped. The food is all here waiting to be cooked tomorrow. And of course the cake bought.

Now I'm on a cleaning frenzy and I'm dead tired, I was sick most of last night so my sleep was interrupted by frequent visits to the bathroom. Speaking of which I have to go make sparkle. I'm going to go put roomba down in the living room while I do it. My floors are in desperate need of mopping. I'm thinking of getting somebody to come in and clean twice a month. The trouble with that? The animals... I't's probably going to be hard to find someone who can work around them..

Juno finally arrived from Netflix, I finally returned the three I had here and now I can get new ones. The last three could have been her three months or so and I never did watch them....


steph said...

the new page looks great! i have been so out of touch with the blog world!

how did your detox go??

soapy t said...

don't get me started on juno.