Saturday, February 23, 2008

Spiders, Peeps And Roaches Oh My!

So you might me wondering what's up with all the peeps. Basically it's been a pretty shitty last couple of weeks. I'm tired, I'm sick and I'm sick of medical tests. Quality of life is the issue here, specifically mine. It's always been good days and bad days but it seemed like the good always outweighed the bad. Or maybe I'm at the end of my rope and need a break. And this my friends is where the peeps come in. After the cute little photos are taken I get to destroy them. Kinda like the mentos and diet coke thing. It's silly, it's stuipd and it makes me laugh. It gives me a much needed break when I'm not at the Dr. I'm usually home dealing with all the medical bills. And trying to keep a clean house. Which I must admit is kinda hard while destroying peeps.


steph said...

i'm sorry things are crappy -- i'm sending you some good vibes and hoping things get better soon...

Frannie Farmer said...

You have inspired me.
Things have been crappy here too.
New meds. new tests.
Now I am sick with some respitory thing that makes everything else worse - yipee. but I might just take it out on some peeps.

hope you feel better soon sweets.

hugs to you!