Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Great Googly Moogly

All day I have had bits and snips of random songs and commercials playing in my head. None of it makes sense, its absurd. Just a bunch of la-di-dadie, we like to party! I wonder if there is a severe lack of oxygen in Florida today. My brain is fried. Silly is as silly does. I have half a notion to go and take pictures of the Sand Hill Cranes that have been walking across all the roadways. Oh and we are getting our very own Starbucks in our area, like 2 miles from my house. Honey just called to tell me. And I though it was going to be bank. Does this mean we are a real town now?

The Pierces: Go To Heaven.

you are absurd
you say the cutest things i've ever heard
i don't think i can take another word

or my head might explode
and i will have to go to heaven
ooh ooh ooh... (repeat oohs)

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