Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Somewhere in my neighborhood somebody is playing music with alot of bass. I hear a thumpin' and feel the pounding beats. It's like I'm in an apartment building again. This is a single family house. Very disconcerting. I should just hear the trickle of the fish and turtle tanks, and the hum of my computer. My fingers clicking under my nails. Why is my house vibrating?? Why does it sound like somebody is beating on my roof with a gloved fist?

WTF?? Is school even out now? I thought they got off at 3:30.


Anonymous said...

Maybe it was a snow day (ha ha).
We just had one. Well, technically it was an ice day. One of our trees split and fell across the neighbor's driveway.

Cyd said...

Boy, the new comment options on Blogger are annoying.

kim said...

my grandpa described very similar sounds during his hallucination week -- hmmmm.

Just dropping by to thank you for your thoughts and encouragement this week. I also wanted to let you know you are often on my prayer list too -- specifically I pray for your 'trudge to happy destiny' to not be TOO trudgy. Minimal trudge, maximum happy destiny and good health for you.

Happy belated valentine's day -- you are one of my favs ;o).

soapy t said...

bass doesn't go to school.