Tuesday, February 26, 2008

I Hear Dead People Part 2

Today I was at my mom's condo looking for her sewing machine, for my new hobby, quilting (it'll pass two-three days max). But that's not the point, I was searching closets for the familiar brown pleather case. And I hear something, it's not her cats. It's singing. I try to trace it back and end up kneeled over the toilet bowl in the master bath. There is no music, just singing. Weird. Nobody's car was parked in their spots, my car was the only one there except for some people working on the exterior. They I could see and hear. See, I'm not crazy. But the singing toilet that's the real stumper. It sounded like angels, and the cd in my car is The Pierces and one of the songs says something like "send me an angel to la lal la la". And I thought to myself cool, I wish I could just summons an angel to appear. I need an angel right now. But a singing angel in the toilet?

How many times do I need tell myself "careful what you wish for"


soapy t said...

i am going to have to say mini strokes. you might now be having a series of mini strokes. for me, i hear people speaking in un-known languages and everyone looks r-tarded, myself included.

kim said...

I leave you alone for a week and come back to find a peep show on your blog.


BTW --
If you go koo koo for coco puffs on me with these dead people, I'll talk you back, no worries.

steph said...

first, i love that picture.

second, i guess you never know where the angel will show up...and better singing in the toilet than...well.....singing in bed next to you. THAT would be creepy!!

Stucco said...

This seems reminiscent of a line from The Fisher King, where Robin Williams is talking about strenuous bowel movements that lead to hallucinations of floating little fat people.

TTQ said...

None of your comments are bringing me happy thoughts. The man in the bottom condo died in his house earlier this year..and here at my house Honey's mom passed away in OUR bedroom.

If I hear something again, I'm driving myself to the mental instuition. Along the highway with purple elephants.

Andrea said...

Maybe one of the neighbors was singing in the shower or while taking a squat, and the sound just happened to travel through the sewage and/or water pipes... :)

It's hilarious that you have a singing toilet, though! What a novelty!

kimberlie said...

was the singing any good?? That might make all the difference...!