Friday, February 15, 2008

Changing the Rules As I Go Along

The used to be four things I don't like to discuss, money, religion, politics and sex. I have decided that Valentine's Day belongs in that rule as well. It's way to controversial , it's one of the holidays you do or you don't like.And being a passive aggressive non confrontational person it just seems best. I must have sat at the computer on three occasions yesterday willing myself to write something, but everything was too personal, too braggart or just plain sarcastic. So here it is 2008 rule number 5478 of personal rights has been so decreed. No more talk of Valentines unless you are a young kids who needs help making valetines for her friends at the school. Because kids are cute in small doses especially around holidays. At least our 6 year old adopted daughter who lives with her real parents because we are cool like that is. This week she got to have Valentines and the Tooth Fairy.


meno said...

That picture is creepy.

Very anti The Day That Must Not Be Named.

steph said...

i am with you.

the kids LOVE this holiday. ugh.

soapy t said...

the only valentine's day card i got this year was from my parents. it arrived on the 16th.