Saturday, March 29, 2008

Woman Like a Man


kim said...

If I met Damien Rice, I would ask him what the hell does he mean with this song, because I don't know.

Did he pay for dinner and then they sleep together because she wanted to and not because he bought dinner and now he's mad that he spent the money?
What's going on here, what exactly is he so mad about? he seems angry about something and it's causing him to be crude and he's not making sense. Maybe she dumped him because he's confusing and not because she's like a man.


TTQ said...

I don't know but I like to play it when I want to kick some ass... What would the neighbors think of mowing the lawn in an evening gown?

Another good role reversal song is "Lights On" The Pierces.

I don't watch Oprah or Daytime Tv, I'm pretty much a night no updates for you.